Sunflower Diner

A note from Rosanne (Market co-owner)….  Well what can I say?!  Excitedly sitting here in the diner at the beginning of it’s life, having devoured my awesome biscuit, Hayette comes by with a piece of her latest sweet creation … pumpkin pie with maple pecan crumble.  Though completely satisfied, I try a bite, and am even more excited and grateful for this awesome addition to the Market.  The pie is the perfect metaphor for (some of) what the diner, and hopefully the market, represents…. natural healthy balance, creativity, satisfaction, fun!  We hope you all will come give it a try – relax at the counter or join friends at the tables, and take-a-minute.  Let us feed you some awesome vegan fare.

About Hayette, the Diner’s creator and chef extraordinaire …

Hayette has been working on and off at the Market for the past 5 years.  She served as Deli Manager for a time and we were sad to see her leave.  But she was never a stranger, coming in and out to visit and to help at times.  She even came back to work here in the deli, but it was all while she was spinning her creative juices to create some kind of vegan food service offering of her own.  Then suddenly, synchronicity did its magical dance and we all recognized that she could do her thing right here at the Market.  A new partnership was born.

The Sunflower Diner is Hayette’s vision and dream.  We’re delighted to be in partnership with her.  For the Market, it is another opportunity to excite our customers, and to give them the choices that make them feel good in their body and good in their world.  It’s an opportunity to either inform, remind or educate folks about the relevance of the vegan diet.  It’s our modest step toward making a difference in helping our planet come back into balance.  As evolution ticks along, we feel fortunate to have this concrete opportunity to make a difference.